LPGA Tour: Nelly Korda misses out on world No 1 at CP Women’s Open as Paula Reto wins in Canada | Golf News

Korda finished in second place as Paula Reto took a big win after the last round 66 in Canada. Elsewhere, Lane Grant took her fourth Women’s European Tour victory of the season with a slim victory at the Skafto Open.

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Paula Reto maintains a one-shot victory in Canada

Paula Reto maintains a one-shot victory in Canada

Paula Reto fended off a late challenge from Nelly Korda to claim her first LPGA Tour title with a one-stroke win at the CP Women’s Open in Canada.

The South African took 67 consecutive cards over the weekend at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club to finish the week at under 19 and a shot from Korda and South Korea’s Hee Jin Choi.

Rito rolled two of her three opening pars and added three more holes in a four-hole stretch of the sixth to hit the turn in 30, with bogey in 14 and four pars along the closing stretch enough to become only the fourth South African winner on the LPGA Tour.

“I am really excited and proud of myself for being able to continue with the shots and the routine,” said Rito. “Sometimes I find it very difficult to do, especially if you know you only have a few holes left.

“I was trying not to watch the leaderboard. I kind of knew where the girls were in my group, so I was just trying to make sure I stayed with them or maybe one or two preceded them. That was the only thing I could control. You can’t do much.”

Korda went early back in the nine and eliminated a bogey on the 14th with consecutive sparrows over the next two holes, despite not being able to find a birdie in the last five to move the competition to a play-off.

“I think I hit the ball well,” said Korda, who could have returned to the world number one with the win. “I played golf really well. Honestly, I’m just grateful that I’m playing golf while I’m here – I’m enjoying every second of it.”

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Three-time champion Lydia Koe finished in 63 to finish fourth in the under-17, while Carlotta Seganda was the highest-ranked in Europe with a share of 13th.

Grant enjoys more success at LET in Sweden

Len Grant claimed her fourth women’s European Tour title of the season with a dramatic home victory at the Diedricksons Scafto Open in Sweden.

Len Grant's win keeps her second in the race to the Costa del Sol

Len Grant’s win keeps her second in the race to the Costa del Sol

Grant her birds in the last two slots to score two under-68 goals at Skafto Golf Club, and the weekend saw an under-10 and a shot from compatriot Lisa Peterson.

The 23-year-old, the overnight co-captain, made it to the second turn forward but followed a double bogey with three throws in the 11th through three positions in the fourth 15th for another shot.

Peterson had set the club on target after the final round 66, only for Grant to make a close flyer at 17 and go up and down the sand at the end to take another shot and score one win.

It was stressful, he was a skater today,” Grant said. “My short game was really good and really bad today, I was able to hit some really bad games first and then save them for the end when I was about to hole up on two or three.”

Peterson mixed five birds with two phantoms on the day to finish second on his own before tying five in an eight under containment race to Maga Stark and Wales leader Becky Morgan and Alice Hewson of England.

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