an empty report, no sanction for Kimpembe after his big crack


For this Ligue 1 match, broadcaster Amazon Prime Video He chose to put a microphone on referee Jeremy Bennard. It was this decision that made it possible to pick up a controversial sequel in which we hear the France international addressing the main referee in a disrespectful manner, who just touched him with his arm to prevent the situation from deteriorating immediately afterwards. Extreme confrontation from Kimpembe on Brestois Irvin Cardona. “Wh, don’t touch me brother, why are you touching me,” the Paris center back left when he just got away with a second yellow card.

Report excluding any penalty

And in his written post-match report to the league, the match referee did not notice anything special about this incident. Consequently, no penalty will be taken by the Pro Football League’s Disciplinary Committee. A request to add a microphone was submitted to Jérémie Pignard by Excellent video With the technical guidance of the arbitrator, who gave his consent on an exceptional basis. Clubs and players were, of course, aware of the implementation of this device.

Amazon had already experimented with similar experiences last season during the Saint-Etienne-Monaco-Marseille-Angers meetings so that viewers could hear the referee’s explanations for all his decisions. This process is likely to be repeated during this 2022-2023 fiscal year. As a reminder, this device has already been around for several years in rugby in the top 14, but the refereeing technical department has always been reluctant to popularize it at the highest level. Kimpembe has been heavily criticized on social media for his arrogant and disrespectful attitude.

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