How Big Is Fantasy Football and What Are the Top Leagues?

Fantasy Football is an online game in which participants act as general managers or club managers of virtual football teams. You participate in a draft containing all the NFL players concerned and select your list. Each week, a match based on real player performances in real competitions earns fantastic points. Over the years, Fantasy Football has grown into a remarkable industry thanks to betting sites like Bet hosting Fantasy Football games and selections. But just how big is this industry and what are the main fantasy football leagues?

The fantasy football market

The fantasy football market is currently worth $18.6 billion, which is $6 billion more than the NFL’s current estimated revenue. This number is also 4.5 times the current value of the Dallas Cowboys, which is the current top-flight team in the NFL. Simply put, Fantasy Football might be more valuable than actual football, or at least the NFL.

But how exactly did this weekend pastime become a multi-billion dollar industry? In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIEGA) was passed by Congress, effectively banning online poker. The law considered poker a game of chance but left the door open to sports betting, which was considered a skill. More and more fans started betting on soccer and football matches around the world, leading to the fantasy football market as it is today.

fantasy premier league

FPL (Fantasy Premier League)

The Premier League is the best in the worldthe most prestigious league, and it owns and operates the biggest game of Fantasy Football – the Fantasy Premier League (FPL). This free game has over 9 million players and allows managers to choose 15 players with a budget of $100 million. Plus, you can make unlimited transfers the first week of play before the deadline, then only one transfer per week thereafter. All transfers beyond are deducted from your weekly points.

UEFA fantasy football

Widely regarded as the holy grail of the football system, the UEFA Champions League also features fantasy football play. The league includes the best teams from the best leagues in the world, allowing managers to choose players from other Fantasy Football leagues. Managers can select 15 players from a budget of $100 million, and players are recommended based on their form. On any given match day, the world’s top scorer receives an official team shirt and number two receives an official UEFA match ball. The winner of the season receives two tickets to the UEFA Champions League final and a PlayStation 5 console.

Bundesliga Fantasy manager

The Bundesliga is the premier German football league and one of the oldest football leagues in the world. Fantasy Managers here can sign 15 players with a budget of $150 million, after which points will be awarded based on player performance. But while the system resembles those of the other leagues on this list, the Bundesliga stands out for its rewards program. Top players regularly receive rewards like club shirts, and the player who wins the season receives two tickets to a Bundesliga game. To make it accessible to all, the tickets come with a trip and two nights of accommodation.

La Liga Fantasy coach

La Liga is widely regarded as one of the best football leagues in the world, although it has lost some of its appeal since Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi left. The concept here is simple; each manager can sign 14 players from any team with a budget of $100 million to compete in a public or private league. When this is done, points are awarded according to La Liga’s official statistics system.


Fantasy Football involves imaginary teams made up of real players and real statistical performances. As you can see, it’s a major industry – probably bigger than it actually is. You can participate in any of these leagues through major sports betting sites like Bet. Simply visit the site, create an account, visit the Fantasy Football section and build your roster.

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