Inter Star Making Strides in Recovery from Thigh Strain

Romelu Lukaku returned to Milan after a few days in Belgium to rehabilitate from a thigh injury. The striker improved quickly. Returning before the next international break is out of the question. While he will miss Tuesday’s Champions League game against Viktoria Plzen, he has an outside shot in Sunday’s game against Udinese.

according to Gazzetta dello sportHe and the medical staff will make the call depending on your level of relapse risk. The compromise could be to be on the bench just in case of an emergency. It actually happened two years ago in a match against Atalanta, where he accelerated and came back before stopping.

Lukaku visited Belgian physiotherapist Levin Mischalk to speed recovery from a thigh injury last week. He will train on the side today and tomorrow before having more tests. The final decision will come on Friday. There is a 50 percent chance, but the outlook is more promising than initially, the post reported.

Edin Dzeko and Joaquin Correa made two different performances during the striker’s absence. They both scored once, against Cremonese and Milan respectively, but left some chances on the table. The Nerazzurri He had two wins and two losses without the ex-Chelsea man.

We saw Lukaku’s injury

It’s a tough situation because they may need all the help they can get while navigating their tough start, and Udinese proved to be a tough match for anyone at first. But history suggests that extreme caution should be exercised in these situations. Similar cases have already affected Napoli and Juventus.

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