his beginnings, the results of his adaptation… Vitinha says it all


Recruited this summer by Paris Saint-Germain for 41.50 million euros, Vetnia agreed to discuss his first steps in the capital, in an interview given to him by the club’s official channel.

Vitina, Paris Saint-Germain, Paris Saint-Germain

The first boost to Paris Saint-Germain’s summer transfer window, Vitina officially signed with the capital club on June 30. The Portuguese midfielder arrived from FC Porto, joined the 2022 French champions for a check of 41.50 million euros and signed a five-year contract. Contract, until June 2027. Since reaching the hexagon, the 22-year-old has played eight matches in all competitions, including six in Ligue 1 and his first appearance in the Champions League against Juventus in Torino (2-1).

‘I really felt wanted’

In an interview with the club’s official media, Vitinha confirmed in his debut on the orders of Christoph Galtier. “You were received very well. I really felt wanted. For a player who comes from outside, he feels such a wonderful welcome and this human warmth is a real happiness because you get to a place where you feel like everyone wants you. That’s what I felt from the start and it continues. It’s a start. perfect.”

The Portugal international (3 picks) thanked his new teammates for his quick adaptation. “The truth is, my adaptation was very easy. All the guys were very attentive, and they were all very helpful. I was, right from the start, able to talk to them as if I were talking to any of my other friends. When that is the case, things are much easier, Off the field and on the field as well. Danilo and Nono helped me especially. I already knew them when I arrived. They are two exceptional people, as well as being great footballers. They made me feel at home.”

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