Fede Valverde has entered another dimension

Fede Valverde has been one of the favorites of Madrid fans over the seasons. A beloved sign at the Bernabeu can be explained by many factors: his impeccable attitude and behavior on and off the field, his versatility, his intensity in the game and, of course, his performance. But above all her development, for a few months now, is happier than a merengue fan. Initially a duty player, somewhat needy and often lined up in front of the defence, like his time at Deportivo La Coruna, he was able to develop some qualities as he gained experience in the white jacket.

Witness the real Golazzo against Mallorca this weekend. Some will say Al Jazira’s defense was a bit passive, but more than that long dash and this corner kick, what we can take away from this goal is also the Uruguayan’s complete confidence in his (new) abilities. We can’t yet speak of him as a real playmaker, like Modric for example, but he has managed to develop his really important physical qualities by adding artistic touches and reading the game.

hard worker

When Real Madrid build the match, Valverde is no longer necessarily a simple support point for his partners, but a player we can count on to make a difference, whether he’s playing at the center or as a right midfielder. He thus brings real added value, has confidence and qualities that enable him to project himself forward with more ease. Well supervised by Carlo Ancelotti, who quickly felt that his strength and size of play were so precious in this role of a pass player, he developed his attacking board and became more comfortable when it came to shooting or passing passes in the final. one third of the field.

Become Valverde todo campista As they say in Spain, any midfielder can do everything, on both sides of the field. A constant development that does not surprise many people in Madrid, since his first steps in Valdebebas at the time, the Uruguayan has always been a huge factor. Discreet, unassuming and aware of what it means to wear the Spanish capital’s club jacket, he spent a lot of time outside of group sessions looking for ways to improve his performance. Those close to him speak of him as a highly self-critical person who is not satisfied with his glories. Fede Valverde is proof that all hard work pays off.

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