Bavarian big name uses Benzema to tackle Lewandowski


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It’s a huge poster announced this Tuesday from 9pm at the Allianz Arena between the two contenders for the Champions League final victory. Bayern Munich welcomes Barcelona in a confrontation that will necessarily have a special flavor for Robert Lewandowski.

Not as decisive as Benzema…

A few weeks after he did everything to leave Bayern Munich, the Polish striker returned to Barcelona. With a welcome that may not be warm. According to the team, the player does not enjoy a great love rating despite his historical performance, and he could be whistled by part of the audience. And from the observers’ side, we don’t pardon Lewandowski either. Dittmann Hamann, formerly at Bayern Munich and now a consultant to SkySport Germany, is offering cash using a certain Karim Benzema to trick him.

“In the big games in C1, Robert was not often decisive. He was even regularly transparent when Bayern were playing the quarter-finals or semi-finals. In the 2020 final against Paris Saint-Germain (1-0), I don’t remember his response. From It is easy to score goals against Borussia Dortmund or Leverkusen, but you also have to score against Real Madrid or Manchester City, like Karim Benzema.”

to shorten

While Robert Lewandowski will be making his big comeback in Munich this Tuesday for Bayern-Barcelona, ​​the bayonets are merging. Dietmar Hamann, the former Bayern player now a consultant, did not hesitate to install the star.

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