Atletico Madrid: finally good news for Antoine Griezmann?


Forced to remain on the bench due to ambiguous contract terms, Antoine Griezmann is facing a complicated start to the season. However, the situation could open up for the Colchoneros star, and it seems that an agreement with Barcelona is already approaching.

Antoine Griezmann, Atletico Madrid

Since La Liga resumed his rights, Antoine Griezmann has been going through some strange times. Five days into the tournament, the Macon native didn’t really experience the slightest period. The Frenchman had to content himself with coming, every time after the 60th minute. The same is true in the Champions League.

The problem here is not really athletic and maybe Diego Simeone would have preferred to be able to rely on his striker full time. The start of the season for the 2018 world champion is very promising as he scored two goals in the Spanish League, a great performance (one goal scored every 68 minutes). In the Champions League, the striker offered to beat Colchoneros against Porto (2-1) on the first day.

Soon an agreement was found with Barcelona

The explanation is already in the clauses of the contract signed between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Some may have been forgotten, but Griezmann is still a player on loan from the Blaugranas to Colchoneros. However, the details of the agreement state that Atlético will have to pay €40m at the end of the season if Griezmann plays more than 50% of the matches, he recalls. Eurosport.

This is why Antoine Griezmann is forced to accept entry requests. But this bad streak must end soon. As reported by L’Equipe, the two Spanish clubs are already close to reaching an agreement. From 40 million euros, the amount demanded by the Catalans will now increase to 25 million euros. This much more reasonable amount for the Madrid squad will finally allow Grizzo to start the games. The news that will be in time with the beginning of the cup is fast approaching.

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