Explanation Surfaces for VAR Snafu in Juventus-Salernitana

It took almost a full day, but the stewards eventually came up with an explanation for what happened at the end of the Salernitana-Juventus match, when the late winner was waived by Arcadius Milik after a VAR review due to Leonardo Bonucci’s offside. .

Soon, photos started popping up on social media suggesting that Antonio Candreva, who was kept near the corner flag, was actually the last man in the game. Grenade And not the defender closest to Bianconeri Team captain.

As the Rulers Guild made clear, those images were not at the Rulers’ disposal at the time. They came from a tactical camera used for stats and not for evaluating intrusions or by TVs in general due to their low resolution, Republic reports.

Therefore, without such an angle, the video assistant would not have noticed Candreva, drew the wrong line, and the decision led to a quarrel between the Juventus and Salernitana players. Moreover, the offside rule was interpreted strictly considering that Bonucci did not touch the ball and did not interfere with the goalkeeper. Arkadiusz Milik was given a second yellow card to celebrate taking off his shirt, while Juan Cuadrado and Federico Fazio saw the red for repeatedly pushing each other.

There is no chance of replaying the game because such errors are considered human and not technical by the FIFA. Serie A will be among the first to offer semi-auto offside, reducing stoppages for calls and canceling fouls. It will be tested offline all season.

Since the introduction of VAR, Bianconeri The most corrections were against them, 44, and the worst balance between positive and negative decisions, -21, the outlet’s notes. Plus they were on the wrong end of the worst fatal blunder in machine history.

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