Christian Eriksen explains his career choice

When he thought he had to end his career as a professional footballer after a heart attack at the start of Euro 2020 with Denmark, Christian Eriksen (30) returned to Brentford before traveling to Manchester United this summer. The Danish midfielder explained that he had received several good offers before moving to Manchester United, but the Red Devils’ offer could not be rejected, according to him.

“It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world. It was a payback, after what happened before, to receive an offer from United. It was fantastic. It’s a great club that I joined. I had enough options to choose from, but it was about finding the right one. Of course, Brentford wanted me to stay, but I would say that where I am in my career, the opportunity to advance was what I dreamed and hoped for. I wanted to start my career again by going to a bigger destination, and that’s what I did.”Explained in the Scandinavian media Via Play.

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