the coach to replace Ancelotti already found?

Currently, the coach of Real Madrid is called Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian, through which Milan and Paris Saint-Germain passed, is under a contract with the White House until 2024. At 63 years old, Carlo Ancelotti will not continue to venture into the Spanish club indefinitely, and Real Madrid will be his last club.

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid

Just dismissed from Chelsea after a poor start to the season (sixth in the Premier League, beaten by Dinamo Zagreb in C1 last week), Thomas Tuchel is now free of any contract. According to the information he conveyed the athleteThe German, who also trained Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain during his career, would be a good option in the minds of the Real Madrid leaders to replace Carlo Ancelotti, when the latter leaves the club, which should not be in the very distant future. Carlo Ancelotti, linked to Real for two more seasons, could be replaced by his son Davide at the helm of the Spanish club. Currently, David Ancelotti is an assistant to his father on the bench in Madrid. Florentino Perez could also offer a new lease on Carlo Ancelotti, but that is not the trend, following the Italian’s statements in the press regarding his upcoming retirement.

In any case, Thomas Tuchel, if he is still without a club by then, will be part of the discussion regarding Carlo Ancelotti’s succession.

Positive financial budget for the 2021-2022 season

In addition, he congratulated Real Madrid, in a press release, on closing the previous fiscal year in green: “The operating result for the 2021-2022 fiscal year was €722 million, an increase of €69 million (10%) year-on-year, while the economic effects of the pandemic are gradually declining.” In short, the Spanish and European champions made a profit of 13 million euros compared to last season.

Not very active in the transfer market for several seasons, Real Madrid still has a net debt of 263 million euros, excluding the redevelopment project of the Santiago Bernabeu from the account, according to the allegations. the team.

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