Randal Kolo Muani’s convincing start to the season

By introducing FC Nantes the Coupe de France 2022, his first major title since the First Division champion title in 2001, Randal Kolo Muani took care of his departure from the Canary Islands. It certainly wasn’t to the taste of Waldemar Keita that struck his entourage but wished the player good luck but whatever, Bondi’s home ground has been launched into a new stage now in Eintracht Frankfurt. Ambitious, the one who pulled off an entire season on the banks of the Erdre (13 goals, 7 performances in 41 games) was completely seduced by the project proposed by Adlers: “My new teammates have already told me a few things. But off the pitch, I haven’t seen much of the city yet. I’m someone who often stays at home to focus entirely on football. My speed and ability to move on the wings is part of my strength. Technically, I can too. Contribute to the game. Why don’t you score some goals? I make it into a healthy team. Now it’s up to me to work hard and bring it all together. We want to win matches and win titles together. I hope we can have years of success.”

Joining recent Europa League winner Randall Kolo Mwane has just discovered a new tournament and the Champions League and the least we can say is that he knew how to take care of his debut. He composed 3 goals against SV Nieder-Weisel fans for the first time in a 14-0 win, showed great things in preparations and dropped his debut in his first official German Cup match against Magdeburg (D2) in a 4-0 victory. The lights were already green as he indicated kicker In an interview: “There are some similarities with FC Nantes: it’s more like a family, things are resolved collectively. Then there is the style of play and the atmosphere on the field. The team gave me a great welcome, so the integration went very well. We have a very good spirit and a very good team with which we will have a good season. very “. This was followed by a somewhat contradictory start to the Bundesliga against Bayern Munich, symbolizing the start of the season.

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Top scorer in a 6-1 heavy defeat, he managed to lift his head above the water in the complicated start of the season for Oliver Glasner’s team. Alternating between the right wing in 4-2-3-1 and turning the attack in 3-5-2 with Rafael Borre, he managed to find his place with the Colombian. He started all of his team’s matches since August 13, after he started on the bench against Bayern Munich in the first round and in the European Super Cup final against Real Madrid. Two of the three defeats his team has suffered so far. Only 11th in the Bundesliga, 4 points from the podium and 3 points from the playoff, Eintracht Frankfurt is still rocking its game. On the other hand, Randall Kolo Mwani impresses his world like a consultant Sky Sports Luther Matthews. The 1990 world champion is already under the influence of the Frenchman: “He is a great transfer and a very important player for Frankfurt. He goes fast even with the ball. Making him come free and free is commendable and feat.”

It must be said that Randall Kolo Mwany combines regularity and efficiency at the start of the season. His coach Oliver Glasner is already under his spell as he explained in a press conference at the start of the season: “Not only did Randall convince with his front lines and sense of goal, but also because on the counter he’s great in deep play, thanks to his speed and explosiveness”
Top scorer against Bayern, pass against Hertha Berlin, top scorer and pass against Werder Bremen, double pass against Leipzig, he already has 2 goals and 5 performances with Adlers in 9 matches in all competitions. Best passer in the German championship since distilling 4 Caviar in 7 games, Randall Kolo Mwany shares 6 of his team’s 11 league goals, a testament to his importance in Frankfurt’s attacking system. Along with Mario Gotze, Jesper Lindstrom, Daichi Kamada or even Raphael Bure, the player who has passed through Boulogne-sur-Mer has already managed to make his mark. Against Olympique Marseille on Tuesday, he will try to assert all his abilities against a French club, only to show that his choice to go to Frankfurt is already paying off.

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