despite the scandal, Le Graët has “no reason” to leave


The French Football Federation (FFF) stadiums, after an investigation by SoFoot who lifts the veil on the dreary backstage of a body performance, but Noel Le Graet, president of the FFF, is steadfast in his position, despite the storm.

Noel Le Graet, FFF

this tuesday, RMC Sports He mentioned in an article a possible departure from Noel Le Grat from the presidency of the French Football Federation. The scandal that followed the publication of an investigation SoFootHowever, few that are conveyed in politicians, sports or the general media, do not hesitate with that 80-year-old man, whose abusive speech was conveyed by the teamWho did not mention the investigation before Britton spoke: “If my health remains stable, and if I am well, there is absolutely no reason to quit. I am very good at my job and everyone loves me. I am fortunate to be destined. I said that if there was a tragic World Cup, maybe everyone should leave. … It’s possible. But no one said he’s leaving. I have a clear, distinct, and precise intention to complete my miss, until 2024. I don’t think I have the right to go forward, I’m not sure (laughs)…”

UNFP attacks Le Graët and FFF

For its part, the National Football Association published an offensive statement on Tuesday about the inaction of the federation and its president, referring in particular to the upcoming meeting between Noel Le Graet and Minister of Sports Amelie Odea Castera: The FATF begins to hope that the Minister will “take” the opportunity (from their meeting) to remind Noel Le Graet that the club and its general manager have been held responsible over the past two years for facts that constitute moral harassment against a professional footballer, without being penalized By the sporting authorities, despite the official request sent by the former Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracignano… This is nonetheless part of the public service task that falls to the FA (…) but the federation is failing in this regard to fulfill its obligations And her duty is to set an example, which is to protect her employees.”

If Noël Le Graët says he does not want to leave his position, the sports minister may force him to do so. Or go further in January 2023, as suggested RMC.

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