Marseille schoolchildren impacted by the meeting


In Marseille, some expect the worst because OM will host Frankfurt in a few hours. The arrival of large numbers of Germans, including dozens of rioters, raised fears of clashes in the city.

It should be a simple match in the Champions League group stage. In good shape for a few weeks, the Heavens and Whites could be hoping for a good result for this second day of Group D encounter. However, anxiety reigned for a few hours in the famous Provencal city.

For public authorities, accidents and fights can indeed break out between the two camps. Tensions erupted last night in the streets of Marseille. However, the massive and swift intervention of the police made it possible to separate the various heroes. The day has so far passed relatively quietly.

Schools close early

It is the massive presence of Frankfurt fans, including the thousands without tickets, that causes the relevant authorities to sweat. journalist from Provence Thus, it is known that schools decided to close early to reduce risks. If this measure does not concern public institutions, it still reveals the state of tension that currently surrounds Marseille.

For their part, the players and the technical staff wanted to call for calm, among whom was Matteo Guendouzi. It must be said that Marseille is taking a big risk if things go wrong. The velodrome was already the scene of last season’s events, especially during the Galatasaray reception. The excesses that occurred during the defeat to Tottenham (2-0) did not help in the affairs of Olympique de Marseille. So let’s hope the meeting takes place in the best possible atmosphere and doesn’t spoil the party.

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