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Insigne Discusses Bond with Napoli, Exit and Di Lorenzo

Despite moving to Toronto Football Club, Lorenzo Insigne is still very attached to Napoli. The striker talked about his relationship with the city in an interview with dazn (Across Tuttomercatoweb).

“I miss playing the Azzurri, but I made my decision and I don’t regret it. I’m their first fan, and this is my home. If I ever leave Canada, I’ll come back. But I’m here now and focus on my fitness. It hurts to watch matches from the stands, but that’s what it is. on him “.

The striker looked back at some missed opportunities.

“It was a shame that we didn’t manage to win the Scudetto. We had our chances with both Maurizio Sarri and Luciano Spalletti, but we didn’t. We were especially close than before. I hope Partenopei can reach that goal one day. Their fans deserve it.” Really because they give so much to the team. I hope they will always be proud of me. Their passion was evident in my last match against Genoa. The decision to extend the contract was not my exclusive.”

Insigne threatened the new captain of Napoli, Giovanni Di Lorenzo.

“It’s not an easy job, but he has everything to do. I’m available to advise him at any moment. I know what it means to wear this badge. He has the right personality for it, and I knew he’d be next in line if Kaleido Koulibaly left too. He’s hardworking. At work, he always helps the coach and his teammates. He has experience and contributed to winning the European Championship 2020. I am happy that he is the heir.”

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