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Roma Complete Delisting, Turn Attention to New Stadium

Rome terminated the process of exiting the Italian Stock Exchange. It began in May, as the Friedkin family began buying shares that did not belong to them. The American Emperors have been planning this since taking over the club in 2020.

according to ProphetThe Gelorossi It will save up to 3 million euros annually thanks to the write-off. In addition, they will no longer have to abide by all kinds of regulations that come with being a publicly traded company. They reversed a decision made by the late president Franco Sensi, who put 29 percent of the team on the market in 2000.

The selection has helped attract third party investors over the years. But the current owners of gypsies prefer to work alone. They spent 38 million to pull it off. Management will be more flexible now and will not need to be transparent in its financial communications. Those who sold their shares joined the so-called ‘help club’ and would have unique benefits, such as meetings and dinners with the president or Jose Mourinho.

In addition, this step will allow more freedom in raising capital. This will come in handy with the owners’ plans to build a new stadium in the next few years. They abandoned the previous project in the Tour de Valle neighborhood after a long bureaucratic epic.

The plan is for Pietralata to be the new site. However, local commissions began to appeal against the city. In the past, plots of land were confiscated from previous owners to build public offices, but that never happened. She was recently shown to Roma for the ring, Republic informs.

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