Is Rüdiger scary? His response to Neymar!


He was recruited for free by Real Madrid during the summer transfer period, and Antonio Rudiger returned to a press conference about Neymar’s words to him, before meeting Merengo against RB Leipzig on Wednesday evening (the second day of the group stage for the Champions League).

Seven matches in 2022-23

With French midfielder Aurelien Chuamini, who arrived from Monaco for €80m excluding bonuses, Antonio Rudiger was the only recruit registered this summer by Real Madrid. Chelsea did not keep him at the end of his contract, the German central defender signed at the beginning of June for four seasons with the White House, that is, until June 2026. Since then he has appeared seven times in all competitions with the Meringue shirt, for five La Liga games and a goal, he was the adult player The 29-year-old is present on Tuesday in front of the journalists, along with Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, on the eve of the Champions League reception on RB Leipzig, Wednesday in Santiago. – Bernabeu.

“I don’t know if I’m scary”

The opportunity in particular for the native in Berlin to bounce back from Neymar’s words about him. In an interview given to daznThe Brazilian striker explained that the new Real Madrid player is “A central defender scares you.” But what does the main interested party think of the ex-Barcelona star’s exit? I don’t know what to say to this statement. I don’t know if I scare anyone, what I like is being aggressive but clean. My stats say so: in the past five years they haven’t given me a red card. My nature is to play hard.” Antonio Rudiger will undoubtedly appreciate the words of the Paris Saint-Germain player, who may meet against him on the European stage.

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