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the worrying scarcity of the innkeeper Heung-min Son

The son wants to find the light. Since the start of the 2022-23 season, the South Korean player has looked like a shadow of himself. Hasan Al-Zinad, the striker, whose duo with Harry Kane have worked so well in recent years, is not developing at his best. Last year, he finished the season with 24 goals and made 8 assists in 44 matches in all competitions.

The player who was elected to the Golden Boot in the English Premier League 2022 with Mohamed Salah also had a great influence in the match. Nothing or almost nothing has resisted him last year. Despite his father’s comments prompting him to look elsewhere over the summer, Son remained loyal to Tottenham, with whom he ran until 2025 last year. So everything seemed to be in place to be in the best conditions to start this new season, as Londoners strengthened themselves.

0 goals in 8 games this season

But Heung Min Son is facing a more than sensitive start to the season. Less efficient, give only one help. However, he has yet to open his own goal meter in the 644 minutes he spent on the field. However, Antonio Conte has continued his founding since lining up from the start in the eight games he has played this season. However, he has only played two in full, usually being substituted 10-15 minutes after the end.

Patient with his star, Conte warned him on Monday at a press conference that he could send him off the bench. “I think when you’re trying to build something big… you have to change old habits”The Italian was released, who stated that it would be crazy to dispense with such a player and that the other attacking elements in the team, Harry Kane, Richarlison and Dejan Kulusevsky, would be placed in the same boat. .

Antonio Conte warned him

Despite this warning, Son did not score last night against Sporting Lisbon (2-0). His performance again alarmed the English press, who found him unrecognizable. He did some good kicks but eventually struggled to create a lot in the truth zone before Kulusevsky took his placeThrow football london who gave it a score of 5. Same score for daily expression Who commented: “The South Korean is still not his usual level of proficiency. He has been replaced.”

journalist for RMC Sports English Premier League specialist Salem Bongali was also surprised. “It is very strange what is happening with Heung Min Son. After a very crazy season, we have been waiting for him or hope he will confirm. Pre-season has been very difficult at Tottenham, and I insist. This is the first time that Conte has prepared for the players. We saw videos of Son and other players suffering during training where Conte demanded a great deal of self-sacrifice.In the end, it led to massive exhaustion and exhaustion..

Triple works fine

continues: “We can point the finger at Son but the whole team in general, even if he is in a good place in the league. Ultimately in his matches, Tottenham are not exceptional. The encounters are relatively average. The Son-Kane link is not working at all at the moment. Kulusevski paid the price The arrival of Richarlison and the new trio only works well against OM. There is a question of accommodating summer preparations and a new trio formation, not to mention matches every 3 days with different intensity since we are talking about the Champions League. He is paying the price at the moment.”.

Despite everything, Antonio Conte does not want to overshadow his player. Yesterday, after the defeat, he sent a message to his entire team. “I told my players that the details led to the end result. We didn’t deserve to lose, but we didn’t deserve to win either. We have to analyze what happened with the players.”. Heung Min Son, who didn’t really shine, will have to recover from his booth early in the season. But last year, at the same stage, he scored only 2 goals in 5 games before running at full speed after that. He will have the opportunity to start in full swing on Saturday against Leicester or to try to pick up during the international break.

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