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controversies worry Hugo Lloris – 24hfootnews

The World Cup is fast approaching and everything is not blue for the Blues, far from it. When asked on the sidelines of Spurs’ defeat at Sporting Lisbon (2-0), captain Hugo Lloris (139 selections), went back to the various additional sporting matters that have moved the debates in recent years. weeks. “I don’t have all the elements (regarding the accusations of malfunctioning in the FFF), so I don’t know if all of this is well-founded. In any case, a few months before the World Cup, it is important that we stay united and focus on the goal (the World Cup).”

“We’re going to need all our strength, all our energies. You have to keep focusing on the field. It’s quite a bit scattered now. I think the international window will benefit us. Even if there is no challenge (against Austria and Denmark on September 22 and 25), and many important absentees, It would be nice if we got together to get back in a bit. Especially since we parted at least in June on rather negative feelings…” Did he say? Not necessarily a good omen to approach a competition as important as the one looming for the defending champions.

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