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Juventus Not Concretely Considering Coaching Change Yet

Juventus jeopardized their chances of getting past the group stage by losing to Benfica and gathering black clouds over Allegri.

The Bianconeri Their chances of getting past the group stage were jeopardized by a defeat to Benfica. They have won only once in their last seven matches across all competitions. They would have easily lost three times in a row had it not been for the delayed surge against Salernitana. However, at this point, Massimiliano Allegri is not in danger of getting the axe from the Juventus administration.

as such skyReporter Giovanni Guardala, reported that the commander was late to speak to the press Wednesday, but that was not due to an emergency summit with the front office. There is a huge disappointment within the top players because the team routinely fades away so quickly.

Despite the disappointment and tension, the officers do not consider immediate dismissal. Juventus Allegri has invested in great responsibilities this season, fulfilling every request made in the transfer market, Gazzetta dello sport pointing to. Withdrawing from the Champions League so it would be very damaging to finances as well.

Andrea Agnelli chose the bastard, and the two are close friends. While he will not be impressed by the fans, who are demanding a change of training, he is increasingly concerned that the club’s future is also at risk.

We saw in Allegri being shot at in Juventus

There are many justifications for .’s recent shocking performances BianconeriFrom fatigue to old and new injuries, from baffling tactics and squad choices to poor individual performance. Much of the blame certainly lies with the manager. However, the old lady never made rash decisions and fired anyone mid-season in the Anneli era. Even so, perhaps the extended World Cup respite provides an opportunity to do something unprecedented if things don’t improve.

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