sex scandal revealed, the president of the Federation targeted


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Firmly, the days pass and the various European football associations are still in sight with shocking discoveries. A few days ago, So Foot revealed a disturbing behind-the-scenes investigation of the FFF who has since decided not to respond. It was the turn of the Spanish Federation to embark on a dirty file.

Orgy paid for by the Spanish Federation?

Spanish daily El Mundo He has already collected the secrets of Juan Rubiales, his uncle and former chief of staff Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation. He asserts that the president of the union was going to use the union’s money to organize wonderful parties with eight or ten girls, in a private chalet in Spain under the guise of a business meeting. “A group of eight or ten girls was invited by the former football player and friend of President Nene.”

While the RFEF has already been targeted by an investigation into the alleged use of union funds for personal purposes, the RFEF has completely denied this latest bombshell published by the Spanish newspaper.

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A major controversy on the part of Spain with the president of the federation involved in a sex scandal … shocking revelations have just appeared. They blame the president for organizing orgy parties with the Fed’s money.

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