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Sarri Avoids Suspension Despite Distasteful Incident

While several coaches were suspended for the seventh game for their antics last weekend, Maurizio Sarri narrowly avoided any fouls. The sports judge slapped his wrist after he publicly flipped the bird towards the opponent’s bench during the Verona match.

The captain received a yellow card only for a disrespectful gesture towards an opponent. It was later revealed ScaligeriThe club’s sporting director, Francesco Marocco. The Lazio president softened his stance by personally apologizing.

A few hours ago, Sarri bargained a fine of 4 thousand euros for his statements against the referees after the Napoli match, Corriere della Sera reports. It has raised questions about the impartiality of officials.

“I don’t think there is much to comment. After we protested in Bologna, they had a bias against us. He booked all our players even though the match was correct. We faced a strong team that could have won in a different way, but that leaves us bitter. to interfere.”

as such Republic He confirms that Lazio is one of the clubs with the most yellow cards, 17, despite not being too polluted. Five of them were handed over because they protested so much. While the team acknowledged that some had a cause, they called for more standardization. They believe a lot of episodes have gone against them so far and even released an official statement on their website to complain.

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