Zaccardo Details His Role in Transfer of New Napoli Ace

2006 World Cup winner Christian Zaccardo is often cited as the first transfer market player to discover Kvaratskellia.

2006 World Cup winner Christian Zacciardo is often cited as the first transfer market player to discover Kvaratskellia’s husky and recommend him to Napoli. Talk about a miracle for Corriere della Sera.

“Like every successful deal, all the professionals involved in the negotiations share the credit. I made my contribution as a mediator and then Azzurri executives and player representatives put it together. I have a lot of friends in Georgia and I visit often. It is growing fast. I put interested parties in touch I have an official license from the Football Association.”

Although he was aware of his talent, Zaccardo did not expect Kvaratskhelia to have such an immediate effect.

“I’ve known him for two years and I was the first to propose him in Europe. I have a weakness for him and I hope he gets off to a strong start. Now I hope he becomes one of the best players in the world in his role. He has a lot of quality and can build a very important future for himself. He has the mentality correct, and this is perhaps the most important thing. In addition, Luciano Spalletti is very good at working with young people.”

The former defender has revealed the challenges of his new profession.

“Sometimes it is difficult to convey even the simplest things, but the opposite is also true. It all depends on the people you are dealing with. It is a great job, although it is not easy. I would not be surprised if more Georgian players made it to the first division.”

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