Paredes Content with Transfer to Juventus, Jabs Mbappé

Leandro Paredes confirmed that he insisted on joining Juventus in the summer, although their quest continued almost throughout the window given the difficulties in sealing a deal with PSG. He also shot his former co-star Kylian Mbappe in a short interview with him ESPN Argentina (Across Sports).

“Switching teams before the World Cup was a difficult decision because I knew I would have to adapt to the new environment. But I thought it was the right one. I needed to play regularly to get to Qatar in the best possible way and to do it in a great team like the Bianconeri, and that was one of my dreams.” It was the right call.”

Paredes added that Angel Di Maria’s choice of Juventus contributed to his choice.

“Staying near him was also a factor. I wanted to keep playing and have fun with him. It was very important to me.”

The midfielder gave a cold answer when asked about Kylian Mbappé.

“I can’t talk about someone I have nothing to do with.”

Paredes has moved to Juventus on a season-long loan with a conditional commitment of €22.6 million to buy. The Bianconeri They will have to pay €2.5m if they don’t get it back next summer. He’s started every game so far, and given help.

It was recently reported that Argentina internationals will be flying home early to prepare for the World Cup, and he missed the Serie A final before the November break. In the case of the old lady, it will be the confrontation with Lazio. Di Maria, however, rejected the idea outright Instagramdescribing it as “fake news”.

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