already a cold snap for Asensio

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This is the file that everyone in Spain is talking about, that file that revives the tension that never actually occurred between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Will Marco Asensio, like Luis Figo of his day, betray his supporters to join the archenemy? On the 26th, the Spanish international sees that his contract with the White House expires next June. Already this summer, its leaders tried to sell him to avoid seeing him break free the following summer, to no avail. For a few days, several media appeared, including the Catalan radio Rack 1She stated that Blaugrana had accessed the information in an attempt to make him a defector.

No contact yet?

Information that has made a lot of noise since then, but was just denied by Spanish journalist Gerard Romero. Known to be close to the power of Blaugrana, he made it clear that there is currently absolutely nothing between Barcelona and Marco Asensio. Something to calm this very hot file a little, while some have already announced a prior agreement between the two parties yesterday. As a reminder, Juventus Turin came to the information this summer, without making a move. Whatever happens, as the weeks go by, Asensio’s future will be at the center of rumors in Spain, as it is in Europe.

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Real Madrid’s Spain international Marco Asensio will be tracked down by Barcelona, ​​as the player arrives at the end of his contract with Merengo next June. However, a journalist close to Laporta denied this information.

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