Fiorentina President Slams Rival Serie A Powerhouses

As he has done several times in the past, Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso did not hide words when he was given the opportunity to comment on the finances of Italy’s top teams. Share the billionaire in Sportitalia program (via dazn).

“Juventus lost 550 million euros in the last few years, Milan lost 500 million and Inter 445 million. Instead, we made a profit of 16 million euros. The Bianconeri was worth 2 billion euros when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo, and then they got two head increases. Money and their valuation was now 800 million euros. We invested all the money we got from sales. We still owe a lot of money to Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic deals. In the meantime, I personally funded our acquisitions.”

Commisso commented on how Fiorentina’s season has gone so far.

“We started well, but we have three points less than last year. We’ve been criticized, but I can’t always accept that. I would like to thank the fans who support us. Everyone would like to be at the top of the standings, but our coach is doing a great job. , I don’t like all these passes for the goalkeeper. It led to huge errors against Bologna, Basaksehir and Udinese. We only took 40 per cent against Verona and won. We have to play more vertically.”

The president re-examined Vlahovic’s departure.

I was negotiating with him and the agent, and traveled to Italy to meet them even though I was ill. Demand ballooned from €5 million to €8 million per year in no time. We trusted him when he said he would stay in pre-season. He was not honest and betrayed us, but he did not spoil us.”

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