The decision of Longoria and Ribalta which ruins the European course of OM


OM was severely punished by UEFA after incidents against Frankfurt in the Champions League. The floods could have been avoided if Pablo Longoria and Javier Ribalta had not delayed the construction of a strong divider between the visitors area and the northern curve at the Orange Velodrome.

Marseille fans won’t enjoy the return of the Champions League for long, at the Orange Velodrome, this season. The dangerous incidents against Frankfurt have resulted in severe penalties and Sporting’s reception will be behind closed doors. UEFA also decided to close the northern corner of the box to the arrival of Tottenham, during the last match scheduled in Marseille on 1 day.Verse November.

A difficult chapter could have changed everything

According to our information, a solid divider was to be built between the northern turn and the visitor area during the off-season. However, the project required a significant investment and Pablo Longoria and Javier Ribalta chose to postpone the work. A decision that causes an internal commotion, especially since the financial management recently also announced a large, unplanned deficit that will be linked in particular to the recruitment that took place during the transfer period. as pointed out the team, A few days ago, the leaders were seeking to bring 19 million euros into the club’s coffers (a sum corresponding to only part of the deficit) to present an appropriate budget next June. Several sales can be made during the winter transfer market.

OM is definitely not a club like the others. And while everything seemed in place to allow him to grow, this season the club is compounding small internal crises. As a reminder, the leaders also had to deal with the unexpected departure of Jorge Sampaoli over the summer. But that’s what prompted Pablo Longoria and his advisors to make major changes: No fewer than thirteen players were recruited…

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