PSG Plotting to Lowball Inter for Skriniar in January

PSG continues to crave Milan Skriniar, and their patient pursuit may pay off in January, as Inter face very difficult extension talks. Waiting to extend his expiring contract was harmful, as his requests soared.

according to Gazzetta dello sportThe Nerazzurri The defender’s agents will meet for the first time after the two Champions League matches against Barcelona. At this point, the trajectory of their season will be more clear. This is also a factor, because he likes to compete for lofty goals. While an agreement could have been reached for €5 million a year in the spring, the French team offered him much more.

Paris Saint-Germain proposed 9 million euros a year to Skriniar, while Inter could not exceed 6 million euros, which is the unofficial maximum. The central defender is ready to meet his current team in the middle, but €7.5 million a year could still be too high for them. The Nerazzurri They will have to make a decision at this point, either raise the salary cap or sell it in January. Free departure is not acceptable for them.

On the other hand, they will negotiate from a position of weakness in the next window. The French League 1 The giants will reduce their bids to 25/30 million euros after putting out a bid of 55 million euros in previous months. They were willing to wait as well because they needed the Slovakian in the main period of the season in 2023 more than the first three months.

Our position on Skriniar, Inter and PSG

The Nerazzurri It appears to be heading towards a disastrous outcome because departing from these terms would be a financial black eye. Re-lifting the nodes is the only way to salvage things, but it won’t be easy.

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