Liverpool are reportedly targeting two cracks for the midfielder


Keen to improve his midfield performance, Jurgen Klopp was going to check out two players in the upcoming summer transfer window. The Liverpool boss wants reinforcements from Enzo Fernandes (Benfica) or Judd Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund).

Enzo Fernandez, Benfica

According to the information he obtained files, Liverpool wants to strike a blow to improve its midfield next summer. Jurgen Klopp considers the midfield to be the weak point of his team and wants to secure the services of one of the most promising players. There are two possible options: Enzo Fernandez and Judd Bellingham.

Liverpool refers to 8e premier league standings

At 21, Enzo Fernandez has been developing under the Lisbon jacket since July. The Portuguese squad invested 12 million euros to extract it from River Plate and soon the Argentine showed good behavior. The San Martin native participated in 7 matches in Liga Portugal and scored one goal. Many clubs have his name on their shelves and Benfica is not ready to sell him.

Jude Bellingham wears the colors of Borussia Dortmund. The Reds are said to have been looking forward to his performance for two seasons and would like to take the pace of their rivals on his record. When other media reported compensation of 90 or 150 million euros for his transfer, files He talks about a threshold of 100 million euros. The issue is uncertain as Real Madrid appears to have already secured the player’s agreement to sign next summer. Other formations will be on the spot, too. Calcircato We understand the Reds are also thinking of Federico Valverde.

Jurgen Klopp’s team has already started poorly. It currently stands for 8e Position in the standings, 9 points behind Arsenal and 8 behind Manchester City. Operation Remontada is expected to be complicated, especially if reinforcements have not arrived for ten months.

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