Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp heaps praise on Arsenal as mind games begin | Football

Jurgen Klopp's side travel a week to north London tomorrow, October 9 (Image: Getty)

Jurgen Klopp’s side travel a week to north London tomorrow, October 9 (Image: Getty)

Praising Arsenal, Jurgen Klopp ripped into his own squad ahead of Liverpool’s blockbuster trip to the Emirates next Sunday.

Liverpool travel a week to north London tomorrow, October 9, to recover from a dismal start to the season against leaders Mikel Arteta.

Klopp’s side have won just two of their first seven games and have fallen to ninth in the table as the pressure on the German continues to mount.

It’s a complete contrast to Arsenal, who are top of the Premier League table after a stellar start to the 2022-23 season, winning seven of their first eight games.

The Gunners ended Tottenham’s unbeaten start to the season with an impressive 3-1 win on Saturday and Klopp has been impressed with Arteta’s side so far.

“I know then Arsenal come along and we saw glimpses of their game against Tottenham,” he said after his side drew 3-3 at home with Brighton.

“They are outstanding at the moment, obviously this is not an easy game. But we’ll try hard.”

Questioned about his own side’s mistakes, Klopp admitted Liverpool “have to do better” going forward, describing current confidence as a “little flower” that has been stepped on and hinting his team aren’t listening to him.

“I spoke to the boys in a similar way to you,” he said. “I don’t know how many times I have to say we need a response.

“The first goal affects both teams. They flew and we were somewhere in between. They used that for the second goal.

“We could have defended much better. It’s football and you have to accept that. On a day like this, when it starts like this, it’s important to push through.

“It would be nice if you could win. We always struggle against Brighton, who are a very good football team, but we have to do better.

“I know we have 10 points and that’s the reality. I’m not hiding from that. We must go and build together.’

Klopp adds: This game [against Brighton] has different stories. There’s the story of how we conceded two early goals, there’s the story of how we got back into the game and then there’s the story of how we threw it away.

“Brighton are a really good football team and a real team. It was a different formation, we were a bit surprised? Yes a little.

“But we were already 2-0 down when we adjusted to that. We scored our goals, which were counterattacks.

“We could have won, but would we have deserved the win? I’m actually not sure. Brighton deserves something.

“With all the good things we’ve done during the week, confidence is a little flower and when someone steps on it, it’s really difficult.

“We have to accept it. Of course it’s not enough for us, but we got it.”

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