On This Day – October 19, 1997: The Roma Game “Played” at Two Venues

It is no secret that Roma have one of the most enthusiastic fan bases in Italian football and perhaps in all of football. The Gelorossi Probably the only club in the world whose supporters once filled the stadium to cheer them up even though their team wasn’t playing. no thereat least.

It happened on October 19, 1997, when the Roma administration came up with the idea of ​​opening the Stadio Olimpico stands to allow their fans to come to watch their team play in Fiorentina as the match was broadcast on the stadium’s giant screens. Free.

The Gelorossi was to play viola At the Artemio Franchi stadium but only 3,000 tickets were made available to the visiting fans. They were certainly too few for a fan base full of enthusiasm for their club’s recent feats.

Roma crushed Napoli 6-2 last week and, after five league games, are second in the table, behind Inter and FA. phenomenon Ronaldo.

Thus, the club came up with the idea of ​​using the main stadium as a giant venue for Gelorossi To gather people and support their loved ones from afar.

For the record, the match ended in a goalless draw. Roma had the opportunity to score with a penalty kick, but Francesco Toledo prevented Abel Eduardo Balbo from saving Fiorentina. However, the game entered the history of Italian football as the only occasion on which a football stadium was used not to host a match, but rather to broadcast it.

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