Messi, Ruiz, Mbappé, Renato….The Tops-Flops of Ajaccio-PSG

Carried by Lionel Messi at the top of his game, Paris Saint-Germain easily beat Ajaccio (0-3) to open the 12th day. Thanks to this convincing success, the capital club consolidated its position at the forefront of the French Championship. Here are the highs and lows of this Ajaccio-PSG.

Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain, Paris Saint-Germain

Ajaccio-Paris Saint-Germain peaks

Fabian Ruiz confirms

Despite a slow start, the former Napoli midfielder is gradually finding his feet in his new team. After a very good performance during the Clasico, the Spaniard continues a completely convincing new match. Fabian Ruiz, applying well in serves (94% of successful passes), has proven that he can achieve a lot for his team.

Lionel Messi is still decisive

The Argentine obviously didn’t play the hardest game of his career tonight. Leaving the Corsicans so free, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner had plenty of time to show how talented he was in François Coty’s garden. By providing Kylian Mbappe’s opening goal with a superb deep serve, Lionel Messi cemented his place as the best passer in the tournament (9 assists). As noted football statsPulga is now the best passer in the Big Five European Championships in 2022 (19 assists). At the end of the match, Mbappe gently returned thanks to a beautiful pass in the penalty area before handing Messi another caviar to conclude this very beautiful evening.

Mbappe smiles again

After painful weeks marked by constant controversy, Kylian Mbappe has done what he loves most in the world: playing football and scoring goals. He helped Lionel Messi well: the former Monaco signed a nice double this evening. Thus, the 2018 world champion regained the position of top scorer in the French league with ten units over the clock. With more skill in front of the opposite cage, the Bondi native could have made the bill worse.

Billy, very encouraging beginnings

The Algerian, who has just landed on Camel Island, will become one of the main men over the coming months at the ACA, and in particular to ensure maintenance. After his good start in Troyes (1-1) last week, the former Bristois confirmed his attacking contribution to the team he needed most (he scored 8 goals in 12 matches, the worst total in L1). His technical qualities bring a lot of good to his partners, as the latter often tries to play on him (63 balls were touched).

Ajaccio’s failures – Paris Saint-Germain

Renato Sanchez is very conservative

With a player with this artboard, we can probably expect a lot better. In line with Christoph Galtier’s starting line-up for only the second time this season, the Portuguese gave a very neutral performance. Sometimes one gets the impression that the issue is paralyzing him. During this part, he did not attempt the slightest dribbling, an exercise in which both previous Dogues did really well. In sixty minutes spent on the grass, Renato Sanchez lost the ball 11 times. A slight improvement should still be noted after returning from the locker room. When PSG dominated the match, we could feel Renato Sanchez’s brilliance a little more. Not enough at all to hope for a starting point.

Frequent intrusions

If the meeting took place in a fairly friendly atmosphere, some incidents still had to be reported. Before the meeting, the Paris Saint-Germain bus arrived in a state of confusion. Hundreds of local supporters were already steadfastly waiting for the representatives of the capital club. The vehicle was also the target of a few projectiles. The meeting was then interrupted by several intruders who entered the green rectangle. If it is only about young children looking out for their idols, we can still regret significant flaws in the security system.

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