Messi cracks a journalist, embarrassing sequence for the Argentinian


It is clear that he was deeply moved by his interview with Lionel Messi, the journalist for the channel DIRCTVHe literally burst into tears in the middle of the interview.

Lionel Messi, Argentina Albiceleste

Journalist Pablo Geralt will long remember his interview with the Albiceleste national team star at his home in Paris. He had such last feelings that he could not continue the conversation for a few moments. “The only thing I wish for you is that you are very happy, that everything is going well for you, you deserve it. I have a great admiration for you (…) I have dreamed all my life of doing this, but I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to accompany you your career life “She dropped the reporter mid-interview, letting some unexpected tears flow.

Messi is very impressed

The Paris Saint-Germain playmaker, clearly moved by this sign of affection, expressed his feelings for the passion of the Argentine people for him. “It touches me to have this effect on people. I know that there are many people in Argentina and in the world who accompany me, admire me. I am grateful for the affection I received”, It is to explain. The Argentina international is used to showing affection from fans, and he probably didn’t expect to elicit such a response from this journalist.

The World Cup in a final dream

During this interview, Messi was captivated by the topic of the upcoming World Cup, which he dreams of winning with Argentina. “For us, it’s hard to stay calm. We Argentines, we always think we’re the best, we’re favorites for the title, and a lot of the time it doesn’t happen like that. But today we’re in a good moment, so people are really hoping and thinking that we’ll come back with the cup.”The star of Paris Saint-Germain was dropped.

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