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It’s time for Lyon to win. After a complicated first match against Stade Rennes (2-3), the Olympique Laurent Blanc team of Lyon had to win at the grounds of Montpellier, also looking for points and with a new coach: Romain Peteau, after the sacking of Olivier Daloleau. In a 4-2-2-2 match, with Aware and Mendes back in the middle of the field, Boateng was again in the heart of the defense. Almost deadlocked from the start of the season, Lyon’s attack gradually began. Quickly, they were pressing O’Melin’s target. Dembele, Kacrit and Lacazette tried, but it was El Aouar – who came from afar – who opened the scoring (1-0, 33). But after the break, OL is finally back in Bosz-era ways.

Because of the opportunities for the break, Lyon did not miss them, such as the big loss from Lacazette towards Dembele, while Heraulte’s defense (55th place) wasted. Finally, Montpellier took advantage of it. Ferry sent a cross towards Wahi, who made a fine scissors from scratch to equalize (1-1, 70). The logical equalizer in the end, after the offensive errors of Lyon. And at the incomprehensible end of the match – where Diomandi and Mavididi were disqualified – neither team was able to make a difference. But there’s a touch of Laurent Blanc that seems to motivate Lyonnais. In injury time, after an excellent job by Caqueret, Lacazette broke through Kamara’s net to finally deliver a Les Gones win, celebrated by all manpower on the sidelines (2-1, 90+1). like a symbol. Dropping him in the standings, Olympique Lyonnais (ninth) will have to beat Lille to continue his momentum, during the thirteenth day. MHSC (11th) is still in poor condition, and will go to Rennes to successfully reconnect.

Man of the Match: Lacazette (8): The author of the first hit – on the target – of the meeting (the eighth), the captain of the rune gave his team the advantage of each artboard to facilitate their offensive moves. Critical pass in the opening match (33), the former Arsenal also had many chances. He wasn’t accurate in a pass that could – and should – have been crucial for Dembele (54th place), yet the red and blue captain gave a very good performance, doubling down on kicks and showing great catching accuracy. To crown the latter, Alexandre Lacazette gave his family a hit, at the dawn of extra time in the game (90).

HSC . Montpellier

  • Omlin (unrated): The Swiss goalkeeper was able to quickly enter his match by catching a Lacazette ball in two stages (8), before putting Caqueret in control, and finally offside (15). If Auar missed the wrong foot, he was able to turn Tagliavico’s center into the district. He injured himself alone, and replaced him Camara (43, 6). His offer to Diomande’s header, in an illegal position, gave him confidence in the last half hour (60), before beating Toko Ekambi (72). He also made a great save for Rennes-Adelaide (84th), before dominating KTE’s skewed attempt (86th), but lost to a powerful shot from Lacazette (90th).

  • Chateau (3.5): The young Cameroon international (choice one) had a complicated start to the meeting, having to manage Tagliafico and Owar on his wing. In extreme difficulty in the first period, he was injured after the break, leaving his place market (55). Just as with his outgoing counterpart, the ex-Nicoa brought his freshness to keep his oath of defense solid.

  • Julian (4.5): If he has a little trouble fitting the Dembele-Lacazette duo, the former Violet knows how to reassure his people with his placement. Sometimes imprecise in his serving and reading of the game, he was able to delay passes in his camp by playing his fitness on the Lyon attackers. He came out perfectly from Tagliavico’s feet in front of his own net (73), hitting his header in the corner near Lacazette (88).

  • Esteve (5): The young, club-trained defender seemed alert alongside Koza on the right lane, and was good at keeping an eye on him, especially on set pieces. Also try to run the ball to find spaces in the back of the opponent’s defense.

  • Koza (4.5): A trained central defender, orange and blue No. 31 sometimes left plenty of room for Gusto. In his area, Al-Awar forgot behind him, the only scorer in the far post. Driven by the crowd, his low shot resulted in a double intervention by Lopez (45th place). More offensive after the break, missed the ball in the far corner (50th position).

  • Ferris (6): The former Lyon player was crammed into his camp for the first time, having trouble keeping his head above the water against the opposing midfielder. He was able to create some space and drip good counterballs for his attacks. On a higher level off the field to help his offensive team, he provided an assist for Wahi’s superb goal. replace it Shuttard (82)

  • Fayyad (5): Chottard preferred in the midfield, the rival midfield has overtaken the young hope of the training center, like his friend Ferry. However, he tried to participate in the team match of his people, especially after returning from the locker room, to get the third opponent.

  • Musah (4): Expected on the left of the defense, the former Rennes showed a lot of movement, also took interesting offensive initiatives and worried Lopez (20). Defensively, he tried to support his teammate in the right Chateau, but was often overshadowed by opposition to the ball circulation. has been replaced by Norden (55).

  • Savannah (5): Due to an error in the target delivered at Lens last week, Captain Paladin was expected to arrive at Mawson Park. It was he who lit the first fuse of Montpellier with a left-footed shot, over opposing goals (10 degrees). However, it was less prominent, and very little was available on the ball. He did not lose his accuracy, being dangerous on set pieces. Cautious (58), guilty of overcommitting to Caqueret.

  • Mavididi (3): Quickly in the first leg of this match, the Englishman knew how to bring the hazard ball to the foot in the opposite camp, which caused the bauble to appear yellow at the start of the match. He would often ask about the ball at his feet, and tried to make differences in his lane, but to no avail in the first period. After a head-to-head encounter with Diomande, the referee decided to send him red, just like his opponent (75).

  • Wahi (5.5): Unlike his friend, the club’s top scorer had a lot of trouble showing himself in the Herault match. Before the break, he finally appeared in Montpellier’s few attacks, and missed the ball in front of the goal (44). Most notably after the break, he crucified Lopez with an impressive comeback from close range (70) before being warned due to behavioral concerns (75). replace it German (83).

Olympic Lyon

  • Lups (5.5): Saved from outside his right position (20), the OL goalkeeper was fairly calm in the first half, only being called up during the last five minutes of the last. A prodigy on a point-blank header from Cozza since the start of the second chapter (50), yet he couldn’t do anything on Elye Wahi’s great bike (70).

  • Diomande (6): After being ruled out very harshly in the final quarter of an hour of the encounter, the right-back has been a convincing performance thus far. He regularly shuts the door to Montpellier’s attacks, and wasn’t always in control in his duels, however, winning only 2 out of the 6 he had to negotiate.

  • Boateng (4.5): In the midst of the 3-man defense created by Laurent Blanc, the seasoned full-back was certainly the most frustrating OL player. Lacking physical freshness, the Germany international showed accuracy with his passing play, but was often on the back foot during the stages of Montpellier’s attack. replace it Da Silva (59)Negative over a flimsy goal.

  • Lucipa (6.5): Accompanying the young player, but the coach already, the trainee in Lyon, who perfectly accompanies the rise of his match, the author of the high recovery that led to the opening of the score scored by Houssem Al-Aawar (33). Seemingly quite high for the rival players, it was also quite interesting thanks to its sense of anticipation.

  • Gusto (7): After a quarter of an hour during which he distinguished himself more defensively than offensively, the direction then reversed for the young right piston, through which the majority of Lyon’s attacks passed. The player most affected among Lyon’s eleven players, played a much better match than last week.

  • Kakeret (7.5): With a lot of activity, clearing a lot to the right of the playing area, while being very active in the defensive game, Maxence Caqueret also showed that he was comfortable with his caught kicks. The author of a high-quality match, was rewarded with a assist at the end of the match (90).

  • Thiago Mendes (5.5): After being recast in a role that was more natural for him, the Brazilian had to find his marks. The low point of the trio in the visiting midfield, the former Lille player alternates between a short and long game, dictating his team’s time and balancing his midfield. Promised “first” to the Brazilian.

  • Al-Awar (5.5): Punished in the first minutes of the match (sixth), this did not prevent the Lyon midfielder from opening the scoring, at the conclusion of a great collective movement (33). Al-Awar came close to offering a doubling after a few minutes (the forty), and fell physically at the hour mark. replace it Queen Adelaide (64).

  • Tagliafico (6.5): Playing first can pay off. And as happened in Rennes last week, the Argentine crossed this way this afternoon in the penultimate pass. Taking advantage of his team’s high mass, the former Ajax player has regularly established himself within the game to try to cash in on Lyon’s multiple incursions.

  • Dembele (6): Axle, but not only. Just as much fighting, Leon #9 also showed a wits to open up spaces for his teammates. Decisive in OL’s opening game, thanks to Cozza’s ambition, the PSG apprentice saw a goal that looked ready. replace it Toko Ekambi (64th place) Who gave himself a great opportunity a few minutes after entering the game.

  • Lacazette (8): look above

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