excesses against Eintracht, a supporter in dirty sheets


A new development in the dangerous events that occurred during the Champions League match between Olympique Marseille and Eintracht Frankfurt. A Marseille fan has been charged with attempted murder.

Velodrome Stadium

Partial camera against Tottenham

On September 13, very serious abuses permeated the second day of the Champions League group stage meeting between Olympique Marseille and Eintracht Frankfurt (0-1), at the Orange Velodrome, where clashes were marked between the supporters of the two sides. As a result of these events, UEFA sanctioned Bosch du Rhone club with a closed session against Sporting Portugal (4-1 win) and a partial closed session against Tottenham (November 1). This Friday, key new information fell on the investigation launched by the authorities and the concerns of an Olympique de Marseille fan.

A German fan is deeply moved

according to ProvenceA fan of Marseille “He has been charged with attempted murder, willful violence, participation in a criminal association, possession and use of rockets or fireworks in a sports arena.”, as announced by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Marseille. The 26-year-old is accused of seriously injuring an opposition camp fan. “One such projectile, identified as a distress flare, hit a German supporter in the neck. The victim, a 65-year-old at the time, was seriously injured. The damage to him is assessed by a forensic medicine unit physician at 120 days of incapacitation. Next to him, his companion, aged 64, sustained burns to the level of his hand while trying to withdraw the projectile.

The regional daily reports that the person in question was not ignored. “in While in police custody, he confessed that he was the owner of the shooting in the direction of the visitors’ parking lot, seriously injuring the German supporter.

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