Ancelotti has made things clear on a sensitive issue


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This is one of the questions at the start of the season at Real Madrid. But what will happen to the future of Marco Asensio, the Spanish striker for the White House. At 26, the Mallorca-trained player comes a few months after the expiration of his contract in the Spanish capital. A situation that pushes teams interested in taking the first steps towards the player, especially Barcelona de Xavi Hernandez, who will welcome the left player for free next July.

“It is true that he played very little…”

Especially since the winger lacks playing time, as proven by the 46 minutes he spent on the grass in La Liga (for one goal)! When asked about his case at a press conference, Carlo Ancelotti wanted to calm things down, highlight his performance and preferred to ask the question about his future: “Marco is a team player. It is true that he played a little, but he showed his ability to play. In the few minutes I gave him, he was decisive and he will be He has more minutes to come. We didn’t talk about the contract because he’s a player I trust. After the World Cup, we’ll talk about his contractual situation.” A way to de-escalate tensions until 2023.

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has looked into the case of Marco Asensio, the Spanish striker who has not played much since the start of the season. He also talked about the expiration of the player’s contract in June 2023.

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