Fabio Cannavaro tried to resign from Benevento

After the defeat on Saturday afternoon in Como (2-1), during the tenth day of the second division, Fabio Cannavaro resigned from his position as coach of Benevento, but President Oreste Figoreto vehemently refused, and confirmed his confidence in the former Juventus defender. And Real Madrid. However, the Campania club management demanded that an emergency meeting be held next week between the technical staff and the players, who will have to work hard to find solutions. A green environment in which Cannavaro and his assistants have to get the players back on track.

The Neapolitan technician explained the reasons for his gesture: I have resigned in light of the results achieved thus far. But the president rejected it, and I see that as a great sign of confidence to move forward even stronger. I accept the decision to go green, an action that will be useful for regrouping and starting.Was it justified? in front of journalistsIt is located in Lombardy. Thus, the legendary captain of Italy, world champion in 2006, is still in place, for the time being, despite the two points obtained during the first four days on the Stregoni seat in Serie B.

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