Real Madrid’s pressure on Mbappé!


If Kylian Mbappe spoke last Sunday night in an attempt to clear doubts about his future at PSG, that appears to have calmed things down temporarily. The media confirmed that Mbappe wants to leave Paris keeps their information, and in any case, the contractual deal will inevitably create new turmoil.

Under contract with Paris until 2024, the Mbappe case will become hot again in the summer of 2023, with PSG coming under pressure to see the crack break free afterward. But we still have to find a base for the Parisian striker. In its daily edition, the team ensures that Mbappe has not lost any of his attractive power despite recent controversies. The biggest clubs in the world follow him even if very few can afford him (Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester City…).

Real Madrid wants a repentant Mbappe

Except for that on Real Madrid’s side, let’s not forget last summer’s horrible disdain for Mbappe’s extension when everything seemed complete on his arrival. Five years after the first selection in favor of Paris from Monaco, that’s a lot. For this reason, in the columns of L’Equipe this morning, a source close to the Real Madrid administration put very clear pressure on Mbappe, who will have to “make adjustments and not feel above the establishment as in Paris Saint-Germain” to wear the white shirt in the future. French crack has been warned.

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