Nîmes stops Bordeaux for the last at Costières

Nice end applause for Costier Stadium. In the last match in the emblematic enclosure, which will be completely rebuilt for 2026 (15,000 seats), Nîmes Olympique achieved great success by beating Girondins de Bordeaux 1-0. A powerful shot from young Njisan, scored in the sixth minute, was enough to raise his arms and lift Crocus to 15th. They came out of the red, two points ahead of the first bearish, Annecy.

Moved in the first period and often mired in self-immolation, Bordelais unsuccessfully tried to push at the end of the game. The captain will miss a lot of things on this 14th day of the second division. So he sees that his beautiful streak of 5 unbeaten (including 4 wins) has come to a complete halt. While waiting for other meetings, the shoulder-breasted club holds a spot in front of its runner-up, Le Havre, who travels to QRM this evening.

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