who made the best transfer window?

On Sunday evening, Olympique de Marseille and Olympique Lyonnais will face each other at the end of the 14th day of Ligue 1 (the match will be followed live on our website with live commentary). A clash over the top actually started a few weeks ago. The first of July to be exact. On that day, the Joneses, who had already secured the signatures of Alexandre Lacazette, Remy Rio and Johann Lepinant, formalized the return of Corentin Tolisso as well as the new loan from Tetê. As tradition dictates, a press conference was organized immediately afterwards with Jean-Michel Aulas, Vincent Ponso (Football Director) and Bruno Ciro (Head of the Employment Unit).

Bruno Ciro set the powder on fire

Everyone showed wide smiles, happy to be able to expand the club’s talents (Anthony Lopez, Maxines Cakeret, Ryan Cherki, Mohamed El Aroush) and bring back the club’s previous glories to launch the new OL DNA project while hitting hits with Lepenant, Tagliafico and Tetê. Satisfied with the start of this transfer period, which also pleased some Rhone supporters, Bruno Cheyrou took the opportunity to completely release a spade into OM, with Jorge Sampaoli threatening to shut the door before resuming because the recruiting was not moving fast enough to his liking. “There may be coaches in other Ligue 1 clubs who want to leave because they are jealous of the recruitment we are doing.”

Statements that are not necessarily appreciated in the city of Marseille. On the Leon side, we weren’t impressed with that media statement either. Especially since the rest of Lyon’s transfer window weren’t up for grabs. Indeed, the residents of Groupama Stadium did not succeed in recruiting a central defender to make up for the loss of Jason Denayer. Issa Diop was contacted without completing the file. Subsequently, the leaders of the Rhone followed the plan of Peter Boss, who decided to reposition Thiago Mendes in the central axis. A stunning choice, one that could be a short-term fix but over the course of a season it’s hard to understand why Lyon shouldn’t be recruited for the job. Terrible failure.

The Olympics don’t have the same dynamic

The same for the pursuit of the right-hand side, where Malo Gusto has lacked a real contender since Leo Dubois’ departure at Galatasaray. Other reinforcements could have been good but OL couldn’t really move forward because the club failed to scale it back. It is recognized that some items have left or been loaned (Y.Koné, Ozkaçar, Kadewere, Dubois, H.Keita, P.Diop for example). But aside from the departure of Lucas Paqueta to West Ham, other expected big sales, notably those of Houssem One-Awar and Moussa Dembele, have not arrived. Jerome Boateng and Damien da Silva also remained free in 2023. This loss of lipolysis also has important consequences as many youngsters who would have joined the group were regularly sent into custody.

For their part, OM had to come to terms with Sampaoli’s sudden departure. But Pablo Longoria quickly responded by appointing Igor Theodor. The Marseille president had warned that he would take his time during the transfer window. Despite qualifying for the Champions League, he had to tone down while being smart to recruit as he didn’t have huge potential and had to deal with overseeing OM’s salaries and compensation. mutations. But that restriction has not been in effect this summer since the DNCG decided not to take any action against OM on June 23. Then Marseillais managed to get through the second while being patient not to overpay crazy.

OM lost more fat, OL gained more

Pablo’s Good Advice has received new hits with dozens of recruits including Alexis Sanchez, Jordan Veritot, Jonathan Claus, Luis Suarez, Chancel Mbemba, Amin Harriet, Eric Bailly, Issa Kabore, Nuno Tavares or Ruben Blanco to name a few. instead of them. Between loans and transfers, the president managed to sign several items to be able to compete on all fronts. At the same time, the leaders of Marseille managed to get rid of unwanted players, whose salaries are sometimes very expensive. Steve Mandanda, Jordan Amafi, Alvaro Gonzalez, Doji Caleta Carr, Nemanja Radungic, Kevin Strutman, Paul Lirola, Conrad de la Fuente, Luan Perez, Luis Henrique, Cedric Bakambu and Arcadius Milik.

OM recovered about 16 million euros, but above all reduced payroll. The club could have made more money with Boubacar Camara, who trained at the club and left free. This is the black dot on the departures side. But overall, Marseillais, who has benefited from Pablo Longoria’s good network, has lost more fat than Lyonnais (about fifteen exits to ten on the Lyon side, if we don’t count players returning from loan such as Ndombélé and Emerson), as some executives have been waiting Agents to make exciting offers to players rather than rushing to put them elsewhere. On the other hand, OL earned more money (45.5 million euros, 63.5 million euros if we count the bonuses associated with the transfer of Paquita). In terms of expenses, Lyon (8.5 million euros) was reasonable.

Longoria’s claw makes the difference according to the press in Lyon

But did the club have a better transition period than OM, as Cheyrou pointed out? website journalist olympic-and-lyonnais.comRazek Breikh gives us his opinion: “On paper at time T and we see that in the current standings, we can say that Marseille’s transfer window is better than that of Olympique Lyonnais. We see Pablo Longoria’s claw. He has a network in the football world, he dictates his vision for football and his players. So we really see that Pablo Longoria He’s in control of this transfer window, which he’s expecting. Sanchez isn’t bad, Bayley isn’t bad even if he has a few injuries. Harit is back too. Loans, loan returns, we see there’s anticipation and we have a feeling on paper, because it’s going to have to be judged at the end of the day. season, that the transfer window was the best in the end. But OM had done really well in the summer transfer window. In terms of OL and that’s where we can relate to Cheyrou’s clumsy and early exit, for me, on paper, OM was recruited spontaneously better “

continues: In OL, arrivals Lacazette and Tolisso, who are injured and have a lot of problems, hid their shortcomings in terms of recruitment. Malo Gusto lacks a competitor, because, of course, you have to give time to play and that’s fine because he’s young and regular, but at his age he needs real competition. He also lacks a professional central defender that everyone has seen. Laurent Blanc I. Da Silva is very complicated. He does not have an OL level. With his legal setbacks, we don’t really know what Boateng will do, if found guilty. It lacks 6°, which is a real winger too (…) and that’s why Vincent Ponso or Bruno Ciro are so criticized. It is difficult to understand, in terms of choices, the mathematical organization in relation to these and most recent transfer windows, who does what? Where do they come from? Who decides? Do we expect or not? This is OL’s eternal debate regarding unit math and the transfer window. On the Lyon side, OM is estimated to have thought about the transfer window better. What about the side of Marseille?

OL is better armed according to the Marseille press

Karim Etab is a journalist in MaritimaHe also gives us his analysis. “The Marseille transfer period looked rather interesting, especially in August with good performance and good results for OM compared to the transfer period for Lyon who had more difficulty starting, finding their directions. Despite the fact that Lyon had less good results and that there was a change in the coach, however some players have managed to find their place in the team, like the young Lepinant and Lacazette, and in the homeopathic potions, Tolisso without forgetting Tagliafico, who has been very good for a good month now.He brings to this Lyon team a bit more than the rookies can bring to OM, even if Klaus and Tavares, to a lesser degree because in the process of lowering his foot, are interesting in the piston position.Alexis Sanchez is well in but does not have the same offensive performance as Lacazette (6 goals including 4 in L1 for the Chilean, 8 goals and 3 Passes for the French in L1. Amine Harit also with homeopathic doses. At the moment they are a little lower. So I would say that for the transfer window, the transfer window in Lyon will be a little more positive even if there is not a big gap between the two transfer markets. , no insult to Bruno Ciro. In general, disappointing, like Luis Enrique, Marseille recruits should bring more according to Karim Etab.

“In OM, what does not work if we stay in the Mercato arena is that the standard team created a few weeks later by Igor Tudor is not really complete even if the contents of the matches are interesting. OM is still in a rather disastrous streak, both in the league Or in the Champions League, when they had an exceptional start to the season with 19 points out of a possible 21. A possible 18. The recruits didn’t bring everything that could be expected of them. There is Chancel Mbemba, who is very good and is undoubtedly the No. 1 recruit in the Olympic transfer window. But aside, Longoria bet on Eric Bailey who has played more than 500 minutes since the start of the season and offered no guarantees due to his extremely fragile and short physique. OM. When you buy a player between 12 and 15 million euros and he has a big salary, you have legitimate expectations. For the rest, I talked about Klaus, who has a better rating for me than Tavares. Theodore should be able to mobilize everyone and enable more Players a bit because here we lock ourselves in a pattern You have players who are barely or no longer playing like Payet or Gerson and that might be an issue in a group that’s not too big. But in Marseille, where we will try to recruit a defender, midfielder and striker this winter while slimming down, as in Lyon, where the defender will be the priority, the summer transfer window was ultimately incomplete. So no jealousy or insult to Bruno Shiro…

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